Finishing Up My First Residency at Goddard

This blog was created as a way to document my journey and studies through Color Therapy and Vibrational Medicine at Goddard College. For the next three semesters, all of my work will be posted here, from pictures, to reading lists, to interviews with psychics, to essays or whatever else fits. Each semester is broken up into 5 packets and each packet is 3 weeks long. Below is my study plan for my first semester here at Goddard which officially starts tomorrow! I’m excited and really nervous about this first semester, but all I can do is jump in and hope I’m ready.

Packet #1.-Vibrations, Due April 1st

-The History of Vibrational/Frequency Medicine and Energy Healing

-Science behind vibrations and the body

-Visit Crystals, Candles and Caldrons in Hampden, MD and interview Shelly (psychic/medium who owns the store) and maybe interview the psychic visiting her store that day.

Packet #2.-Vibration and Color, April 22

-Vibrational/frequency medicine and how it is used for healing (Reiki, medicine bowls, binaural beat mixed with music/harmonics, meditation)

-Explore the connection between vibrations and color

-Continue to interview different psychics

Packet #3. -Color Therapy, May 13

-Learn about the history, practices and different forms of Color therapy

-Look into studies that explored the effects of color on the body, specifically the brain

-Interview Psychics

Packet #4. -Chakras, June 3


-Learn how Chakras are used in meditation, reincarnation and human illness

-Interview Psychics

Packet #5.-Overview, Extras, Sound, and Community Involvement, June 24

-Focus more on sound through chanting, medicine bowls and music with binaural beats/harmonics

-An overview of the semester

-Exploring anything that caught my eye while following my packet study plan

-More interviews with Psychics if I have more. Would like to at least  interview 5 total.

-Start getting the lake community I live in involved in my studies through classes maybe?


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