One week into my first semester

It has been one week since I left Goddard and I will admit I have not been as productive with my studies as I had hoped. After being away at Goddard for two weeks, coming home and getting readjusted to my life before I left, was a lot harder than I had expected. Not to mention I got some kind of a weird stomach virus for a couple days. Thank God for weekends though, because today I was finally able to get actually work done and do laundry! As it quietly snowed outside, I sat at my kitchen table diligently taking notes as I listened on my computer, to a broadcast my mentor and teacher Debbie Edwards ( created called Meta-Visionaries Radio.

The broadcast I listened to today originally took place on March 14th and is titled Living in the Supermind with Dr. Maurie D. Pressman M.D.. In this particular broadcast, Debbie interviewed a man named Maurie Pressman, as mentioned in the title, and I found it to be very interesting and quite helpful. Debbie was wonderful enough to include a short bio about Dr. Maurie Pressman on the same page as the broadcast and I happily copied and pasted it for you below:

“Maurie D. Pressman, M.D. is the Medical Director and Founder of the Pressman Center for Mind/Body Wellness, with offices in Philadelphia. This is a clinic which focuses on spiritual psychotherapy and the exploration of the human soul.

During a long and prestigious career, Dr. Pressman has studied the potential of the human mind and soul for over forty years. He has explored the connections between traditional psychiatry and holistic-spiritual psychotherapy. Interested in the connection between the mind and the body, he has taught Sports Science at the University of Delaware and has pioneered the use of hypnosis and creative visualization in work with Olympic ice skaters, helping them to visualize and execute the “perfect performance.” He has also done extensive research on death and dying, behavior genetics, and learning disabilities.

Dr. Pressman’s professional affiliations include membership in twenty-two organizations, including the International Psychoanalytic Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Child Psychiatry. He is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Temple University, Emeritus Chairman of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, and a board member of the Spiritual Eldering Institute.

Maurie is traditionally trained as a Freudian psychoanalyst and child analyst and has reached into the broad realms of psychotherapy through his experience as Chairman of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pa..and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Temple University Medical School. These experiences have combined with an desire to search, have produced a bridge between the personal realms (which guide us on the material plane) and the higher realms (which guide us on the spiritual planes.”

In the beginning of the broadcast, Dr. Pressman talked about different methods that are used to calm the mind which in tern calms the body, like hypnoses and visualization or meditation. He explained that the mind can heal and train the body as well as harm or infect it. If used properly, the mind has the power to heal and over come many things like illness or fear. He then went on to explain Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology and how we are created and grow in the process of “return”. In his words as best I could, “everything is based on energy or frequencies (electromagnetic)…everything is made of electrons, waves of energy. When the creator (the all encompassing, all consuming energy) decided to create or move that tremendous energy…it filtered down to seven levels or plains. The forth plain is the soul in contrast to the spirit, the spirit being the creator. The soul manufactures from itself, like a spider manufactures a web from itself. The lower factors or plains of energy are the mind and body. Thoughts, a dream, astral or emotional body, which we feel and physical body which then becomes enlivened by the life body. This is the decent of creation…Each of us contains each other and each of us is contained in the higher mind.”

Dr. Pressman continued by explaining restful visioning like meditation and praying: “When you do this, you get into such a comfortable state that you forget your body and you let your emotions drift away into peace. You get into this area of flow and the zone of peace. The secret of meditation and prayer is to surrender your usual ego to this restful place where you open it to the entity that we all are, your communication with other people and other preachers and your general heart/mind of good.” He followed with an exercise to help bring you to this calm state: “Find a restful place and make yourself so comfortable that you forget your body and it will essentially disappear to your mind and then to let any intruding feeling to just go. Let yourself settle down and you become more and more peaceful…don’t fight, just let go. Come to a place of peaceful quiet, surrender, zone and flow. If you follow the four steps, you will find yourself opening to your inner power as well as powers of the cosmic mind.”

Dr. Pressman and Debbie talked for another forty minutes or so about many other things like Twin Souls, the evolving togetherness society as a whole is experiencing and how that effects us individually within the group, spiritual and religious difference between partners and weather or not it is a leading problem within couples, the “God Particle”, recognizing the power of intention and briefly, Pharmacology. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Pressman, you can visit his website: If you would like to hear the actual broadcast I just referenced: If you would like to hear previous broadcast by Meta-Visionaries Radio or find out when the next one is taking place, you can visit Debbie Edwards’ site which is listed in the first paragraph of this post. Once you are on her site, you will see a tab at the top of the page listed as Meta-Visionaries Radio which will take you right to the schedule of upcoming and previous broadcasts.

I plan on listening and writing about many more of Debbie’s broadcasts and the next one I will be listening to is Telekinesis & Human Energy Fields w/ Debbie and Marcus.

Until my next post, as a wise woman at Goddard once ended an email to me,

Sweet Ease!


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