One week into my first semester

It has been one week since I left Goddard and I will admit I have not been as productive with my studies as I had hoped. After being away at Goddard for two weeks, coming home and getting readjusted to my life before I left, was a lot harder than I had expected. Not to […]

My Ever-growing Reading List

Below is a list of texts I will be exploring over the next semester: Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber M.D. The Energy Healing Experiments, Science Reveals Our Natural Power to Heal, Gary E. Schwartz, PhD with William L. Simon A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine, Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation, Richard Gerber, M.D. Infinite Mind, Science […]

Finishing Up My First Residency at Goddard

This blog was created as a way to document my journey and studies through Color Therapy and Vibrational Medicine at Goddard College. For the next three semesters, all of my work will be posted here, from pictures, to reading lists, to interviews with psychics, to essays or whatever else fits. Each semester is broken up […]